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New Orleans Lafayette Cemetery

Lafayette Cemetery tomb

Red and White


On a recent trip to New Orleans I was captivated (like many) by the above ground cemeteries. We visited the Lafayette plots in NOLA’s Garden District where the stone, stucco, brick, and iron have acquired painterly patinas over the generations.

Having always been drawn to surfaces that are a bit battered, I took many photos of the tombs and ironwork. The neutral greys of the place are a tone-on-tone poem to timelessness. Even the ubiquitous brightly colored Mardi Gras beads (that dangle from tree limbs and balconies in other parts of the city ) are not immune to taking on the charcoal hues of mourning. Most notes of saturated color in the cemetery can be attributed to silk flower arrangements, landscape features, and hardy mosses.

New Orleans Lafayette Cemetery

At Rest









Lafayette Cemetery New Orleans

Black and White

Lafayette Cemetery fence spires

Iron Fence

Side by side tombs in Lafayette Cemetery New Orleans

Red Flowers

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