studio jewelry

Mabel the Muse

Meet Mabel — my muse. She keeps me company in the studio. She is a no-nonsense kind of muse. Mabel doesn’t have patience for any kind of artsy-schmartzy angst. If I’m stuck and procrastinating, Mabel says, “Just do it already.”¬† When I couldn’t find earring stands that I liked, Mabel said, “So make your own.”… Continue Reading

Seed Bead Mosaic Mania

Sometimes you discover a new technique because you’re really bad at the one you thought would be a cinch. I am enamored with the colors, luster, finish and feel of seed beads. However (embarrassed cough), after amassing quite a stash of them, I quickly learned that I am hopeless with a needle and thread. I… Continue Reading

Fossil Hunting in the Peace River

When winter hits full force, I tend to hunker down and organize my studio space. Typically, I find unlabeled containers holding treasures that I had forgotten about. Like the trove of fossils I dug out of Florida’s Peace River last February when Fred Mazza of Paleo Discoveries led us on a tour through what could… Continue Reading

Teaching and Stone Shopping in Cedarburg

I recently had the pleasure of leading a pendant project with the wonderful volunteers at the Cedarburg Art Museum. Housed in a stunner of an historic 1898 turreted brick home, the Museum is a cultural gem on the main street of town. Speaking of gems, I made time to pop into The Gem Shop, just… Continue Reading

Just Breathe!

¬†With guidance from our instructor, Susan Lomuto, my online classmates and I have been spending hours at our keyboards building our own websites. Susan’s DIY artist website course is one way she walks the talk of her commitment to empower artists to manage their online presence. The mantra for class is “just breathe” — an… Continue Reading