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Teaching and Stone Shopping in Cedarburg

I recently had the pleasure of leading a pendant project with the wonderful volunteers at the Cedarburg Art Museum. Housed in a stunner of an historic 1898 turreted brick home, the Museum is a cultural gem on the main street of town.

Cedarburg Art Museum

Stone Slabs

Speaking of gems, I made time to pop into The Gem Shop, just a block or so north of the Museum. With spray bottle in hand, I examined samples of stone slabs for future jewelry projects. I purchased a nice selection of stones, including turitella (fossilized sea shell), labradorite, citron chrysoprase, leopard skin jasper, and fossil palm wood. I can’t wait to share my finds with the folks at the community center lapidary studio where I volunteer every Tuesday. The studio is our common ground for sharing a kindred obsession with all things rock and mineral.

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