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Titanium Trivet to the Rescue

Titanium Trivet makes soldering a snap

Titanium Trivet makes soldering a snap


What’s In: Titanium Trivets

What’s Out: Tripod and Steel Screen

It’s no secret that I love a new bench tool or gadget. Especially if that gadget or tool solves a tricky soldering problem or two, like heat sink, and the hassle of using binding wire.

So it’s no surprise that when a friend suggested I try titanium trivets (KnewConcept) I was eager to give them a go. I had a few commissions to work on and  my new trivet works like a charm.

I can see working on a whole series of pendants using the trivet as a support during soldering steps.

Jill’s 2018 Teaching Calendar

Happy 2018 Everyone!!!! If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to take a workshop or class in 2018, I invite you to peruse my Teaching Page. (One of my resolutions was to get this page updated and all the class links crackin’!) In May and August, I’ll be at Shake Rag Alley Center for the… Continue Reading

Alpaca (The Other Wool)

                            Years ago I scored a beautiful Alpaca jacket that has become my favorite Fall coat for its warmth and softness. The label depicts the silhouette of an Alpaca, an animal I knew little about. So recently,  I attended the Wisconsin Alpaca… Continue Reading